“HOW TO _____________________”

Need a way of accessing resources outside of the classroom.
You go to your lesson thats been booked for weeks. You are running late and feeling rushed. You have a cup of tea and then begin the lesson.

Recap over the last lesson - Do you really remember what you did?

You dont really want to have to copy the notes. You want to be able to read it at your leisure. 

Well with Helicopter Flight made easy you dont need to worry. All the slides and lessons you will learn will be on hand all the time.

  • Full PPL Syllabus - including videos, slides and resources
  • Full Exam Support
  • Full Ground school support including Weather Briefs
  • Newly included Threat and Error Management (TEM)
  • Fully compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • All common training helicopters are covered
  • Full email support
  • Free Access to All Instructors

I am studying for my Flight Instructors Rating. These resources give me access to all of the board briefs. This helps me to recall and plan lessons. 

A must for all potential flight instructors.

Flight Instructor Student, Gloucester

This site has helped me to access and view lessons before I am with my instructor. I can access them on the train and read up on what I have done and what I need to do next. Well worth it. 

S Goddard, Rhyl

As an instructor it has given me the entire syllabus, which has allowed me to use this alongside my existing lessons. If a student cancels I can just reload the appropriate lesson and away I go.

James Lynch, London



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